How Infographics Can Attract People to Your Website

How Infographics Can Attract People to Your Website

If you are looking to create beautiful content that attracts people more easily than just a status update or photo, then you need to consider the value of infographics. Infographics are the new age of information, which combines statistics, graphics, viral content and more, all into one beautiful image. Infographics have been used for some time now, but only recently have they become an incredibly useful tool to grab the attention of people. One place that infographics are especially useful is on your website, as having them will often attract people in ways that other content simply can’t. Here are some things to consider as to how infographics can attract people and why you should have them on your website.

 Massive Amounts Of Content

If you surf the web for just a few minutes, your eyes, mind and other cognitive sense are being completely overloaded by the amount of images, headlines, sounds, thumbnails and so much more. As a matter of fact, some suggest that we see as much as five-times more content on a daily basis, than what people saw just a few decades ago. That means that in just one day, we are seeing what it took some people an entire week to see. However, this can all change when an infographic comes into play because it is designed in a way that is stops the person using the internet and makes them pay more attention to what they are seeing. Because infographics look much more different than everything else on the internet, your brain is able to put the breaks on everything else and switch speeds into recognizing the graphic instead. Almost 50% of your brain uses visual processing, which will be an appreciated change of pace from the continual text content that you may be used to seeing on a regular basis.

Enticing Readers

Text can be incredibly boring when it takes up an entire page worth of content. However, infographics offer beautiful displays that have pictures and colors. Studies show that readers are 80% more likely to stop and read something, if it stands out against the rest of the content on the page. So while text, ads and even videos all look similar in a jumble online, infographics stand out and entice readers to actually read what is on display.

Easier To Remember

When something like an infographic is set on display, it makes it more memorable to the reader. When something is more memorable, it is easier to recall later on in the future. People typical only remember 10% of the things they hear or 20% of the things they read, but most people can remember as much as 80% of the things that they see and interact with. When people see an infographic on your website, they are more likely to remember the content that they saw, which means they’ll remember more about your business and bring it up later when they recall it.


Lastly, infographics are much more viral than most pictures, and incredibly more viral than simple text. When people see an infographic pop up on their newsfeed that interests them, they are more likely to comment, like or share it with other people they know. If you are having trouble gaining the momentum that you need because people aren’t sharing your content online, then infographics will likely change all of that.

When it come to gaining attention for your website, you need to do all that you can to separate yourself from the competition. And unlike with some other forms such as plain text, infographics are a great way to mix things up and make things look much better on your website. Be sure to use infographics if you are trying to increase your brand online and get more traffic to your website.

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