Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising provides instant targeted traffic. It isn’t free, and it does cost more than organic listings. However, it makes up for that by providing instant traffic that produces results. You could choose to rely just on SEO and hope that your organic listings get you sufficient exposure, but it’s significantly better if you combine SEO and PPC. Through this combination, you capitalize on the best of both worlds by getting targeted and instant traffic as well as organic traffic. The two forms of marketing complement one another, providing a necessary fusion of targeted keywords and rich content.

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Multiple Avenues for Marketing

When it comes to PPC marketing, we implement a number of avenues. Google Adwords is one of the biggest and one of the most popular sources for PPC marketing to this day. People search for those precise terms that are in your ads, meaning that the instant traffic that you get are from people who want what you’re offering. They’re looking for the terms that define your business, and that means when they find your business, they’re finding what they need.

But we don’t stop there. Google AdWords is great, but it isn’t the only option on the PPC block. We incorporate PPC advertising through the increasingly popular Facebook Ads and other ad networks. Facebook Ads allows us to target the exact demographics you want. Even though these people may not be interested in your services right now, it will be getting your name out and helping to establish your reputation. It’s hard to get more targeted that Facebook when it comes to PPC advertising.

Guaranteed Results

PPC advertising is not an exact science, and that means that different businesses will have different needs. But regardless of the method that best fits your business, we test everything. By setting everything up for optimal performance and developing high quality scores, we ensure you get the best results for your money. Campaigns under our care receive daily monitoring and regular inspections. We test different ads, keywords and key phrases along with everything else that could have an impact on your success rate.

Most PPC marketing campaigns companies plop together a series of Facebook and Google Adword campaigns and then leave them to do what they can. At best, that strategy is hit or miss. There’s no guarantee that you’ll even get the money you initially invested. What makes it worse, though, is that most of the time, they just let the campaigns sit there to make money or lose money without any second thought. That’s not how we do it.

We craft PPC ads specifically targeted to your demographics and your target audience. Our optimization encompasses everything that makes your business unique while putting you in the strongest position to reap those benefits. Not every method is going to work perfectly for your business. But we test each method daily. If your current PPC campaign is not working and we’ve tried a reasonable number of variations, we stop it and invest the money where it will bring you the results you need.

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