Ranking Top Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists

Ranking Top Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists

No matter how long your dentistry has been in business, it is a given that you need to have a social presence, especially in today’s market. However, with so many smaller practices popping up here and there, it is getting harder for dentistries to gain a significant social presence without paying a ton of money. While that may be so, it is not the end of the world.

Why, you ask? Well, simply because with so many businesses opening up every day, it has opened up new and amazing opportunities for highly skilled people to use their vast knowledge of Social Media Marketing for Dentists. Likewise, business such as Dental Internet Marketing Team have opened up to help take the hassle out of gaining more patients for their business.

That being said, today, we will be showing you the top four social media marketing tips dentists can use to gain a better social presence and if done correctly, will help them to bring in more business in the long run. So, with that, read on, gain the knowledge you need for your dentistry to grow and reach new heights. Enjoy!

Act Normal, Be Yourself, Be Human!

As number one on our list, this is one of the most important things that people often seem to forget. If you are trying to gain patients to come to your dentistry, most people do not want to see some automated mumbo jumbo. No, what they want is to see the human side of your business.

What do we mean by this? Well, let’s put it this way. When you are using your personal social media account, do you post boring ads or do you post pictures of your family or maybe your cat? Your cat right? Basically your business social media account needs to feel the same. Now, of course, you can run ads, but, it also needs to show the human aspect. So, post pictures of your staff doing something funny, maybe even a picture of a cat. Be creative…be human.

Visual Content Always Wins!

For our last tip, we will be talking about how visual content, similarly to human interaction, can boost your social media account to new places. Now, in the world today, people are overloaded with so much information that our attention spans have plummeted exponentially in the past few years. With that in mind, it has become a lot harder to get the attention you want from the customers you need. And while this may be so, we have a secret that will keep your content on the minds of your  consumers, even if they only view it for a mere moment. What is it?

It is simply by creating visual content. Not just picture of the new tie you wore to work or what you ate for lunch. More than that…aim for maybe pictures of one of your patients and their new improved smile. Maybe a selfie of you with a patient in the hot-seat. Or maybe a picture of you giving back to the community in some way. Regardless of what it is, if your audience likes it, they will keep following you.


In conclusion, we have one more minor tip. If you are posting valuable content and your audience loves it, or even remotely likes it, don’t stop there, or else the well will run dry. If your audience likes your content, most likely they will want to see more. That said, be consistent with your content. Don’t just post when you feel like it, post at least 2-3 times a week. That will keep your audience engaged, instead of waiting for long periods of time.

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