Reputation Management


Everyone knows that your reputation is important – especially your online reputation. It can convince or deter a potential patient without that patient ever setting foot in your office or checking out your web page. It used to be that you only had to keep track of your actual physical world reputation, but these days, reputation management has expanded to encompass the Internet as well.

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Your Online Reputation Matters

More than 63% of potential dental patients search for local dentists on Google before picking one to go to. Their primary focus is on the first three entries, though the No. 1 entry gets almost half the traffic. It’s very important then that you maximize on this. But you can’t trust your website being in the No. 1 position to be enough. Your online reputation extends to Yelp, Google +, and other sites that allow online reviews. You need to remain aware of what’s going on and what people are saying so that you can control negative feedback and maximize the positive feedback. Only by managing your reputation can you keep develop a positive online reputation.

Now obviously, you don’t have a lot of time to involve in that. You have patients to take care of, and that’s why the Dental Internet Marketing Team is the best solution for you. We make sure that you rank at the top of the search results for your area, and we emphasize and highlight the positive reviews. We also make sure that businesses with similar names to yours aren’t ranking higher. After all, their bad customer reviews shouldn’t result in a loss of business for you. We monitor and manage your reputation on Google, Bing, and every other large search engine to keep you ranking at the top.

The Trickle Effect

More people are relying on online review services than ever before. While in person referrals are still powerful, people are relying more on online statements and referrals. When you receive a positive review or positive feedback, it needs to be highlighted and shared so that other potential customers see what someone thought of your dental practice. All of the feedback that you receive will contribute to your dental practice brand.

When potential patients see the positive reviews, feedback, and brand that you have developed, they will be more likely to check out your services. In fact, patients are more than 34% more likely to give your dental practice a second look if they see high quality referrals and feedback from people just like them.

Like everything else that we offer, we leave our competition far behind. Most reputation management programs involve quick searches with basic keyword combinations to get a glancing view of the overall reputation. They don’t analyze the competition or promote the positive feedback beyond the basics. But we take it far beyond that by digging deep into your online reputation and determining what the general consensus is as well as developing precise strategies targeted for your dental practice. Even if you already have some negative feedback, we can help you deal with those reviews to keep them from deterring other potential customers. We don’t leave it at that though. We’ll also develop strategies to encourage and develop further positive reviews and quality referrals to get even more people making appointments.




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