Before Retargeting

Marketing always works better when people want what you’re selling. But what do you do when someone visits your site, gets your information, and thinks, “I don’t know if I’m ready for this service right now.” That potential patient hasn’t made a final decision yet. He might actually be planning to come back later, but you know what life does. He’ll go on about his business, forgetting about your dental practice as he carries on with his life. At least that’s how it used to work.

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The Retargeting Secret

Through retargeting, we set up ad campaigns that will display your results to people who have already visited your site or who have visited a similar site. This means that we can even maximize on visits to competitor’s sites. The way that it works is that the web campaign tracks these users from the cookies logged in their browser. The ads scroll along on the sides of the browsing window or in text at the bottom of the page, reminding potential patients of your services and how much you can do for them.

Retargeting is an effective way to make sure that your dental practice stays at the top of people’s minds. More than 97% of customers research products and services online before they decide to make a purchase or an appointment. The vast majority will wind up making a decision shortly afterward, but those remaining people aren’t lost. Retargeting follows them on their treks across the Internet, reminding them and targeting them.


Highly Targeted Feedback

Most retargeting campaign managers just embed the cookies and set up a standard advertisement to run at various points. They don’t research the competition or analyze the keywords. They just drop the elements together and hope for the best. Despite the fact that retargeting is a more precise form of advertising than general Facebook ads, this drop and go method rarely results in stellar responses. That’s why we don’t slop it together and then leave that campaign to fend for itself.

We work tirelessly to incorporate all of the same elements that we do in successful Google AdWords and Facebook ad campaigns. It’s not enough to come up with a one-time shot and hope for the best. We are constantly testing and working with keywords and creative strategies to develop the perfect retargeting ad campaign for your dental practice. Because this process uses cookies, our efforts can be much more tailored, honing in on specific demographics. Our work comes with a guarantee. You don’t have to sit up, trying to develop the perfect retargeting campaign. We monitor it daily, strategizing and experimenting to discover the combination and campaign that targets your perfect patients and gets you the ROI you deserve.

This isn’t new to us, and we’ve had lots of successes right from the start. Our very first dental client had a 10,000% ROI with our successful retargeting campaign. Obviously, we consider that a success, and it’s far from the only one. We deliver that kind of enthusiasm and creativity in all our efforts, working to create the strongest and most effective retargeting campaign for your dental practice.


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