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Social media is one of the hottest components of Internet marketing right now, particularly mobile social media marketing. While your website is important and retargeting your campaigns is essential, it is just as important to have effective social media marketing campaigns put together. But an effective social media campaign is more than just dropping quotes and facts on Facebook and Twitter. It requires strategy, passion, and creativity to develop relationships with your patients and cultivate that loyalty which will keep them coming back for years to come.

Social media cannot be overemphasized when it comes to connecting with your patients. It breaks down the barriers, making you more than an intimidating service provider. You’re their friendly neighborhood dentist. Through competitive strategies, we’ll develop everything you need to start a buzz, establish your reputation, provide targeted information, and showcase just what makes you the best dentist in town.

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Creating a Buzz

There’s nothing better than getting a buzz started about your business with an exciting Facebook post or Tweet. It works even better when that buzz starts because you’re doing something really exciting like hosting a contest or giving something away. Even people who might not want to go to the dentist will stop to look if they hear about a fun competition or something exciting that’s happening with your business.


Establishing a Reputation

Regular quality filled social media interaction creates a powerful connection with your patients. Your reputation is more than just your conduct in the dental office. The way you interact with people on social media, the topics you promote, and the quality content you share all come together to form a more comprehensive picture of who you are. The OESCHSLI Institute reported that 80% of businesses that use social media have benefited from managing their reputations and increasing customer loyalty. After all, if your patients are only coming in once or twice a year, they need to be reminded why your practice is so exceptional.


Providing Targeted Information

Social media has necessary space limitations. But this limitation lets us capture the essence of your practice. It’s not enough to just provide basic information or to inform your patients about deals and specials. An effective social media campaign should also add value to the conversation and to the relationship.


Showcasing Your Personality

One of the reasons that social media can be so powerful for establishing a reputation is that it allows you the opportunity to share who you are and what makes you different. It’s not going to help if you just throw random thoughts. It has to be tailored to provide the effect that you want and to portray the image that most resonates with your dental philosophy and that gets responses from your patients. You aren’t just another dentist in your town. You have a specific personality that will connect with your patients. We make sure that that comes through in a way that grabs their attention and makes them want to know more.

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