The 5 Most Common Pitfalls of Dental Marketing

The 5 Most Common Pitfalls of Dental Marketing

The 5 Most Common Pitfalls of Dental Marketing

No matter the business, a sound marketing strategy is key. This applies as much in the field of dentistry as it does anywhere else. Though word of mouth from patients is an excellent way to garner positive publicity, one of the most effective ways of promoting your practice is through marketing tactics. However, it’s easy to miss the mark when it comes to marketing. You may be doing some things you shouldn’t and be missing out on other methods altogether. It’s important to know what works best and what doesn’t work at all before making a final decision on your marketing plan.


Online Absence

In this age, not having an online presence is one of the most damaging marketing errors you can make. People like convenience, and with the popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices, an online presence offers just that. Having a website makes you visible and being visible means that people who are searching online for a dentist can find you easily. Additionally, the more hits your website receives, the more popular it will become. This can lead to a higher ranking during a Google search, which means that your website will be among the first that people see.


Disregarding Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term that may confuse those that aren’t all that technically savvy. However, it’s a huge element when it comes to online marketing. One of SEO’s most crucial aspects is that it can optimize your website so that it’s comprehensive for both visitors and search engines. SEO can aid search engines in pinpointing what exactly your webpages are meant to relay so that when people are searching for just that kind of information, your website is what appears. Underestimating the importance of SEO is a mistake, especially when you take into consideration how important it is to maintain a visible online presence.


Disregarding Pay per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is easily one of the most effective and profitable methods of marketing. PPC is a highly recommended marketing tactic for brand new websites, as it gives you targeted traffic that is instant. Obviously, an influx of new viewers to your website will be a good thing, which is what an affiliate marketer will strive to drum up for you. The marketer will get money based on how many clicks your website receives. This is the main reason why PPC is an easy, quick, and highly efficient online marketing tactic.


Leaving Phones Unanswered

It’s pretty simple: you depend on your patients as much as they rely on you. Keeping your patients, therefore, is absolutely vital to the success of your business. A key step in keeping your patients loyal is ensuring that when they attempt to contact you, they get a response. You want your phones answered promptly, all the time. You want your patients to feel as though they matter, because they do. If a patient calls to make an appointment but repeatedly receives no answer, it may be cause enough for them to start looking elsewhere for a dentist they do get a response from.


Keeping Patients Waiting

Another error that’s often made that you may not even realize can affect your marketing is long wait times for patients. It’s all too easy for dentists to become overbooked, and unfortunately it happens a lot. People don’t like to wait, and if they’re given a wait time that’s more than a month, they’ve got more than enough incentive to start looking for a dentist that they can see sooner. This is absolutely going to be the case if you have a patient in pain that needs immediate attention; they’re not going to wait two months to get in to see you. They’re going to hunt around to find another dentist that can ease their misery sooner.


By Charles Crawford is the co-founder of Crawford and O’Brien, a high level digital marketing agency that focuses on results that generate a positive ROI. Charles first became an internet entrepreneur after attending a seminar on e-commerce. Ever since, he’s been doing SEO, PPC, and other internet solutions for companies. He’s helped many local businesses grow their sales through the internet.


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